Why are parents so impatient?

I get parents who are constantly pushing their kids to reach the next level even before they start school. Some typical questions are " Will you give homework?" , "He  already has started straight lines, you should make him do more worksheets or he will forget", "He already knows everything in the syllabi, he will get bored if you teach him the same thing" and the very best one " Can you prepare him for the written entrance exam for Lower KG?"

For gods sake we are talking about preschool, these kids have not reached their 3rd birthday yet. Why the tearing hurry? When will they be kids if they have to start preparing for IIT from now itself.

It is much more difficult to deal with parents than managing a roomful of hyperactive 2 year olds. Do they realise that a child needs to play, socialize, learn to appreciate things and people around him or her and feel appreciated in return. Frankly live in the present. I have seen parents run down a childs self esteem because they can't do something that another child can, but totally give in to a tantrum because it is too much effort to dicipline the child.

Parents need to chill more and frankly stop the unnecessary obsession with writing. A child who can read words and understand them will string a thousand words to write a book once he starts writing. All we need to do is ignite their imagination.

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