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Getting children to eat healthy food is an uphill task sometimes. Somehow the things children like to eat has invariably got too much fat, are too sweet or are totally non nutritious. It got me thinking why not disguise the healthy part and thus my career as a stay at home mom-cook started. I have developed quite a few recipes over a period of time. I hope to share a few in this blog.

Oats and Wheat Pancakes.

My measures are usually for 2 kids

1 cup whole wheat flour

1 cup powdered oats

2 eggs

1 tsp baking powder

Quarter cup brown powdered sugar, or molasses or honey or jaggery

A pinch of salt

1 cup milk

Mix the wheat flour, oats, sugar and salt . Beat the egg and mix it with the dry items. Add the milk slowly to form a smooth paste. Your batter is ready for pancakes. Use a hand beater, it makes the work much easier.

The above is the polished version of what I actually do, I mix everything in a bowl all at once and mix like crazy with a fork . The whole procedure takes 5 minutes and yes sometimes my mixture is lumpy but it does not affect the pancakes much.

Use a non stick or your dosa tawa and pour about 1 big ladle of mixture. The trick is to cover it with a lid like dosas. It will become nice and fluffy. Another trick is to fry with butter , makes the pancakes more tastier.

Serve with chocolate syrup ( cooking chocolate melted in milk ), honey, or strawberry puree. My kids love the chocolate version the most. You could also slice a banana and put it on top with with some chocolate syrup and nuts. This is a very good dessert or a meal in itself.

One satisfied customer- My son when he was younger

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